Answering all of your questions...

Why does your fee seem higher than other officiants we have found?

Great question. With a number of answers. Primarily, though, it is due to the significant number of hours and the amount of work I dedicate to make sure YOUR ceremony is personal and custom - and not just another 'cookie-cutter' ceremony script. You will learn all the details of the process I use to create your script in our "chemistry check" meeting if you simply complete our contact form! The second reason - I want your big day to be 100% focused on you. To charge less would mean I would have to officiate two, three or even four weddings every weekend (or in a single day even)! I believe in devoting 100% of my focus on every wedding, which is why I am able to guarantee your guests will be saying that you were "Married By The Best"!

How does travel to our wedding work? Are there additional fees?

My fees are based off of geographic "zones" in and around the DE, NJ, PA tri-state area. The posted fee includes all travel (including the rehearsal). This is why the fee is incrementally higher as the distance from my Wilmington, DE location increases. Most important - the price you see is the price you pay! There are no extra fees, ever.

What if our venue doesn't allow a rehearsal?

Don't worry! If the venue isn't available for the rehearsal - we will make it work elsewhere! All we really need for a successful rehearsal is space that will allow is to imagine an aisle, and a front area to process to. Living rooms, condo party rooms, restaurants, and even a local park can all work well for us! On that note, I almost insist on a rehearsal - that is why it is included in my fee. I know that a short rehearsal leads to a more relaxed and confident wedding day. No matter where we conduct it - it will set your mind at ease that we are 100% ready!

How does payment work?

Before we even talk about payment, we will meet for a short "chemistry check". It is so important to make sure that we are right for each other for such an important day! If you choose to book with me - you can have a check ready that day, or I can send you an online payment link at anytime. I ask for a 50% deposit as a retainer to lock in your date. The balance is not due until well after you have received a draft of your wedding script, and it is almost complete. Once we are paid in full the real work begins of building your personal story into the script to ensure you have the most modern, person and fun ceremony possible!

What if you get sick on the day of our wedding and can't do it?

This has never happened! But in the highly unlikely event that it does - I have a 'back-up list' of other highly experienced colleagues who I would trust to officiate my own wedding! Your ceremony script would already have been completely written by me, of course. Any of these colleagues would be able to seamlessly step in to perform what you and I have created together!

How do we know if you have our date available?

Very simple - just take a few seconds to fill out our contact form, and I will be in touch with you!

What kind of training or certifications do you have as an officiant?

When it comes down to it, a successful and memorable wedding ceremony requires an officient who is passionate, and highly skilled at public speaking, presenting and keeping an audience engaged. I have been doing these things professionally for 20+ years as a large group trainer, educator and presenter. I am autorized to legally permorm wedding ceremonies in most states in the US through my ordination by the Universal Life Church. This is the part that lets me say "through the power invested in me by the state of..." and make the day legally binding. More formally - I have invested a great amount of time learning from leading Canadian wedding officiant Mark Allan Groleau. His trademark style of "Unboring!Weddings" is exactly what I use to ensure your ceremony is your best day ever! In fact I am the only officiant in Delaware certified to use and deliver Mark's style of ceremony. In addition, I am Equality Institute Certified in order to understand the unique needs and concerns of the LGBT+ community when planning their weddings. (I am also the only officiant in Delaware with this certification) Finally, I am a proud member of the IAPWO - The International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants. The IAPWO is THE trade organization for professional wedding officiants, and provides a wealth of educational resources to keep me current and up-to-date on all of the trends and practicies in the industry.